A3 Alarm L.E.D Installation

This modification will update your doors to the look of the Corrado SLC and A3 Golf/ Jetta doors.  What you need is two plastic bezels, part number 1HO-868-391-A-01C and 1HO-868-392-A-01C.  They can be ordered at the VW dealer for $1.08 a piece.  Make sure you get both parts, the driver and passenger doors are angled differently.   If you want you can also order the LED's from the dealer but at $20+ each I chose to get them at Radio Shack for $3 ea.  Now the fun part:  remove the door and the original ring that goes around the door lock knob.   Using the new LED bezels, mark where you need to drill the hole for the led.  You will not need to modify the existing lock knob hole.  (I believe i used a 1/4 drill bit,  but check to see which drill bit will best fit the existing hole since they are both the same size)  Know after you have drilled the new hole and have the test fitted the bezels , it is time for the LED.  If you purchased the one from VW it simply snaps right in, if not you will need to see how well if fits in the LED hole.  For my LED's I had to trim of a retaining ring on them so they would fit nicely in the bessel.   The best way i found to hold in the LED is hot glue.  After the LED is mounted in the door panel you will need to run two wires in from your alarm brain, 16-18 gauge will work fine.  When wiring up the LED remember to hook up the wires in series, positive to negative to positive, etc.  so all your LED's are in a "daisy chain".   After you have done that you are ready to test out your new LED's!

Post installation notes:

After I installed the Radio Shack LED's I noticed they were not as bright as my alarm LED in the center console.  The factory VW LED's are smaller and actually stick up through the hole more so they appear brighter than the Radio Shack ones.   I would recommend experimenting with different brand LED's to see which works best for you or getting the VW LED's out of a junk yard to save some money.