A3 Euro Chin Spoiler Install

First you need a euro chin spoiler (Evolution Sports) For ease of working on the car, and not removing the bumper, get it up on a set of jack stands. 

First remove your existing chin spoiler, a couple of screws and a whole lot of clips hold it in.  Easiest to see from beneath the car, a flat blade screw driver will help remove the clips.

Once you remove the spoiler place it next to the new euro spoiler and see where it differs so you can tell what/where to trim on the bumper.  On the U.S. bumpers the tabs for holding the spoiler on are longer then the euro bumpers so use your dremel cut off wheel and trim approx. 1/8" to 1/4" off your bumper (the lowest lip edge) to allow the euro chin spoiler to slide in farther and lock into place with the plastic tabs. 

To finish the look off you will want to pick up a pair of the euro splash shields.  These fill in the area that is left open between the inner fender liner and the now deeper euro chin spoiler.

Stock spoiler Spoiler removed, the bottom lip is what needs to be trimmed Comparing the 2, euro in front, U.S. in back.   Bumper has been trimmed