A3 glove box install

First off you need a glove box.. you can get these out of later model A3's or you can get a euro glove box (the difference is the euro's have the handle near the driver instead of in the middle.

Remove your existing cover below the passenger side airbag (several screws).  Then you need to cut a section of metal out to allow the new glove box to fit in that area.  I used a dremel with a metal cutting disk on it (see pic below)  Place the glove box in the opening to see where you need to remove metal.  Then use the dremel to cut the metal (be careful not to hit anything important in this area) It takes a little bit of time but be patient and you get a nice clean cut.  Then test fit the glove box to make sure it clears everything it needs to and install your existing screws on the bottom of the glove box.  Open up the door and you will need new screws to hold the top to the dash.

The lower dash panel has been removed New glove box Comparing the two Dremel Metal cutting disk Piece of metal after being cut out of the dash
Metal has been removed Glove box installed   New Top screws