A1 Big Brake Conversion

With this conversion you can upgrade you 9.4" or 10.1" front brakes to 11" ones.

I did this upgrade from 9.4" to 11" brakes on my Scirocco.  A few things to think about before you begin:  You will want to upgrade your master cylinder if you do not have rear disk brakes.   I have drums in the back which means small master cylinder.  I did the conversion anyway.  I do not have the petal feel I did before the conversion but the car still stops as good if not better then before,  you just get more pedal movement.

So what I used:  Momentum Brake Conversion Kit  http://www.momentummotor.com/
                        11" Corrado Brake Setup

The directions that came with the Momentum kit were excellent.  With that said I am not going to go into the install proceed but just offer some observations that I came across.

The kit does include everything you need: 2 brackets, all the bolts, spacers, loctite, and of course directions.

For this upgrade to work you will need to completely remove the splash shield.  I have driven the car in the rain since I installed this kit and I haven't noticed any problems.  I have yet to drive through a huge puddle or something else that would cause a large amount of water to be splashed on the brakes.

If you are using G60 calipers the brake lines will screw right in to the caliper but without the metal brake line that attaches to the caliper that moves the connection point over, it will not be in the correct spot to use the shock tower as a place to hold the line away from the wheel.   I opted to use zip ties to hold the line to the shock tower and away from the tire.


With the 11" brakes installed

Here are 2 pics, before and after, with the 16" wheels on