H&R Coilover Installation

The installation is really straight forward, remove the old and put in the new!  The coilovers are a complete unit.  I only needed to remove the top nut of the front assemblies to put in the VR6 strut bearing.  The rears bolt right in with existing mounts.  The H&R coilover model I purchased was the European VR6 Corrado (stage 1 front, stage 2 rear)  This allows for  more adjustability in the rear ride height.  Plus I can use the VR6 front strut mounts.

Some fitment issues came up during the installation.  It was going to be close on whether or not I needed a spacer for my rear wheels (17x7.5" with a 35mm offset)  Well bolting it all up, I did indeed need a spacer.  I started off with 5mm and it cleared the coil with only a few mm to spare.  It drove fine, but under hard cornering the passenger side would just touch the coil.  I then put on 8mm spacers and it solved the problem, no coil rubbing, but with passengers and again under hard corning it rubs somewhere... mostly likely the outside since I'm using a 8mm spacer, nothing that I can't grind away ;-)

Now all that's left is to find the optimal height for looks and driveabilty.

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Front coilover comparison to stock Front installed A different angle The rear assembly The rear installed Looking low 
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Final pics

   More coilover fun:


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