European Rear Plate Holder

Installation is simple the reverse of  removal for the U.S. plate holder.  There are several plastic clips that are accessed by removing the interior panel of the hatch (where the spoiler motor is).  If you corrado is like most, these clips have long since broken off, the dealer is the place for new one.  Then the only thing holding the plate on is 2 sided tape along the bottom edge.  The new plate holder comes with tape already applied, just remove the backing and install. 

These euro plate holders are available here:  Evolution Sports                 

MVC-163F.JPG (73081 bytes)


Ideas for mounting the US plate:

Since the US plate doesn't fit into the indent of the euro holder, a new way to mount the plate is necessary.

A common practice it to mount the US plate over the Europlate buy simply screwing one to the other.  The way I chose to go is simply trim about a 1/4" off the top and bottom of the U.S. plate to make it small enough to fit into the indent.  Then use 2 screws in the middle of the plate utilizing the provided mounting points (they are adjustable left and right)