Golf 3 Hood and MkIV Lights Install on a Jetta 3

Below are some pics of the install. It took about 3 hours to complete the job with what we thought was going to be difficult actually being a breeze and the little things took for ever....  The hood removal and install went smoothly, we just had to adjust the passenger side a bit to make it line up right with the fender.  The Passenger side light was easy one the core support was cut... but the driver side was a pain.  It took some modification to the light brackets to get it to fit in the car and then it still didn't line up exactly right for the eyelid to fit in between the fender...  Other than a little time lost, it eventually fit well.  The grill was a great fit, only mode was two holes need to be drilled into the bumper for the bottom pegs on the grill.


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Stock 95 Jetta GLX   Jetta Hood Golf Hood Look at that new paint! The "Camaro" look ;-)
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Trial fitting the hood The only alignment issue, not quite perfect with the fender Core support needs to be cut to fit the MkIV lights Cut core support with wire loom over the edge Fitting the new lights Wow! what a difference!
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Kamei Grill with no mesh With mesh   All done