Ignition Switch Replacement.

There are a couple ways to do this, my approach was to find a way that didn't require drilling and removing the lock cylinder (see Bentley manual).  The tricky part is the electrical portion of the ignition switch is held in by a small #0 phillips screw that is at an angle.. not easily accessible.

At the minimum, you need to remove the upper and lower plastic covers around the steering column.  I removed the wheel, both stalks, lower dash panel and gauge cluster bezel to get the best view of the ignition switch.

The trick is to get a screw driver and bend it just enough to reach the screw.  With a little patience, you can remove and replace the ignition switch without removing/drilling anything else.  You will only be able to turn the screw (make contact) for a 1/4 of every rotation of the screwdriver, go slow and make sure not to damage the screw head.

Find a cheap screwdriver, this is a #0 - 3" driver from Schucks Amount of bending The casualties before success Screwdriver Placement

(taken from below

Bad pic but you can see how the screwdriver bends in to make contact with the screw (take from above)