John's 93 Corrado Stereo Install

December 2001

The goal: Fix an existing system install and upgrade the wiring and sub.

The original system included a 15" Orion sub, fiberglassed into the spare wheel well with an unknown box size.  The sub was leaking due to the previous fiberglass construction on the wheel well frame.  The wire was undersized as well so an upgrade to 4 gauge and a stiffening cap was in order.

The fiberglass sealing in the lower part of the wheel well was fine so we just constructed the rest of the box to the appropriate size for the JL Audio 12W6 (1.25 cubic feet)

Then a false floor was created to house the sub enclosure and the amps.


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  What it looks like after it's all removed (back to stock) You can see the fiberglass in the wheel well from the previous install Fitting the cap and the 4 gauge wire is run to the back of the car Fitting the first aid kit The side panel and door that will house the cap and distribution block
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Panel and door for the first aid kit Frame and components set in place Sub enclosure with 1/2" plexiglass top Test fitting the top cover to the false floor   The completed look, green fabric in the sub enclosure
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Side doors fitted and covered in Porsche fabric Amp doors cover up the plexiglass windows