Lysholm Super Charger Install

Below are some pics of the install. It took about a half day to install and went very smoothly.  BBM's instructions were relatively easy to follow and all the parts were supplied in the kit so no need to make a mad dash to the hardware store in the middle of it.  Brian Lindmark was the guinea pig and has a permanent smile ever since the install.


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The Lysholm The G-Ladder Both chargers side by side A point of reference (my car) since we forgot to take a "before" pic G-ladder removed Trial fitting the Lysholm
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Bolted in and belt installed The modification to the boost return hose Another view Oil feed line hooked up Boost return connected Filter and intake hose installed
lysholm13S.JPG (49491 bytes) lysholm14S.JPG (53748 bytes) lysholm15S.JPG (53112 bytes)      
The radiator hose needs to be modified.  We chose to shorten the hose rathen than cut it and add the supplied extension in the BBM kit A combination of an ITG filter from the Eurosport Cool Flow kit and the ABD bracket from the Q-flow kit.  We didn't want to use the stock air box :-) A close fit when the hood is closed      


Dyno Chart here

Lysholm Mpegs:

Engine Running

Drive By