Mono Wiper Install

There are several different ways to get a mono wiper on your car.  You can modify the existing linkage to allow a longer sweep of the passenger wiper, buy a specific kit from someone like Bonrath, or you can modify a Scirocco mono to work on the Corrado.

Mono wipers were available on the Scirocco I's up to 79 and Scirocco II's in 82 and 83.  I used a wiper out of an 82 for this install.  First take a trip to the junkyard to find a nice donor Scirocco.  Now the linkage is completely different so of course you need this part, but also get the wiper arm.. the mounting hole is smaller then the corrado so you can't use your existing arm.  The motor however is the same and will swap right over.

The install:

First remove your existing wiper assembly.  Remove the wiper arms and then the large nuts that hold the assembly in place at that point.  Then remove the small bolt in the cowl area on the driver's side.  Unplug the motor and work the assembly out of the cowl.

I had to modify the wiper motor mounting position since it didn't fit in there as it did on the scirocco 2.   I re-drilled the 3 holes where the motor mounts  to the bracket to rotate it to the 1 o'clock position.  Test fit the bracket in the cowl.. I bend the bracket on the drivers side to allow it to sit correctly in the Corrado cowl (the scirocco one was a little deeper)  Now with the motor still unattached to the bracket, place both into the cowl area.. it will take a little bit of work, but install the motor to the bracket with the 3 bolts in the cowl and the wiper arm mounting nut.  Next you need to get power to the motor.  I ended up creating a harness that adapted the new plug to the old style plug on the scirocco motor.  Turn the wipers on and off to make sure the motor is in the "park" position (this is all done with out the motor hooked up to the linkage)  now get familiar with how the linkage works as the motor rotates.. you have to find where the spot is that allows the wiper arm to rest on the passenger side.  Once you do attached the wiper arm to the linkage and hook up the linkage to the motor.. give it a test run to see how your wiper pattern is.  If you are missing a spot on the drivers or the wiper arm is not sitting down to far, adjust the wiper arm, this adjusts where you 170degree plus wiping pattern limits are.  If you want the wiper arm to be parked in a different spot but are happy with the wiping pattern, adjust the linkage on the motor, not the wiper arm. 

Corrado wiper assembly Scirocco Bracket installed with no motor   wiring adaptor Wiper arm parked DTM style