My Corrado  

Corrado meaning to sprint or run from the Spanish verb correr.

Stock Engine Specs.                                                                     Performance Upgrades

Type          supercharged iron block alloy head inline-4          Neuspeed P-Flow  with custom air intake

Valvetrain                                               2 valve sohc         BBM Stage IV Chip

Displacement                                  109cu in./1781 cc          Eurosport Intercooler tubes

Bore x stroke               3.19 x 3.40in./ 81.0 x 86.4 mm          Vibra-Technics Motor mounts

Horsepower (SAE)                    158 bhp @ 5600 rpm           BBM ISV reroute

Bhp/liter                                                            88.7           Beru 8mm spark plug wires

Torque                                       166 lb-ft @ 400 rpm          Techtonics high-flow catalytic converter

Maximum engine speed                                6200rpm           Brospeed cat-back exhaust

Fuel injection                                   VW Digifant port           BBM 68mm pulley

                                                                                          BBM 268/260 Asymetrical Cam

                                                                                          944 Fuel Pressure Regulator

                                                                                          BBM RSR G-Lader Oulet

                                                                                          Velocity Lightened Flywheel

                                                                                          Sachs Sport Clutch and Pressure Plate

Stock Suspension                                                                          Performance Upgrades

Front                      MacPherson Struts, lower A-arms,         H&R EuroVR6 Coilovers
                           coil springs, tube shocks, anti roll bar         (stage 1 front, stage 2 rear)
                                                                                          Neuspeed 25mm front swaybar
Rear           trailing arms, inter connected by twist beam,
                            coil springs, tube shocks, anti roll bar      Neuspeed 28mm adjustable rear swaybar

                                                                                          Neuspeed front upper stress bar

                                                                                          VR6 Front Strut Bearings

Other Upgrades

Dietrich Front Bumper

Rieger Infinity Side Skirts

Rieger Infinity Rear Valance

17x7.5"  Abt A23's  with 205/40/17ZR Toyo T1-S Proxies

Light Grey Colored Gauge Faces

Kamei Grill Spoiler

Custom Mesh Grill

European Headlights with 80/100W H4 PIAA Platinum Superwhites and 100 H3 bulbs

Hella Clear Turn Signals

Custom Tool kit in Rear Deck Lid

European Parcel Shelves Race Steering Wheel

Momo Super Anatomic Shift Knob

Audi TT Pedals

Custom Airdam with intake         

Optima Deep Cycle Battery

Various Stereo Components to keep the C happy while cruising down the road.


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Pictures from the 6/05 shoot can be found here