NW Corrado Club November 3rd 2001 tech day

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Damon enjoying a tasty beverage ;-) Brian L's car under the knife Damon and Molly's Jim Tedge Brian
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Jason H. Chris Low enough? Ahhhh that wonderful smell of new exhaust heating up :-)    

  These pics were taken by Todd K.

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Brian and Gelder Shannon and Jason H. hard at work under Brian's C   Damon's Euro fog install   Jason still under there...
NWCCTechDayNov010007.jpg (98824 bytes)          
yup still under there.. where's Brian? :-)          

   Here are Damon's pics:             

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  Need to get that thing lower...     Tedge's cool euro rear fog Mike
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Can you believe that he's selling it?  and for what? ;-)   Someone didn't tell Jamie this was a NWCC tech day     Perfect ... and you wonder why Tedge won best of show at waterwagens..... :-)