This mod if for any 4 lug VW's.  For A1 cars a big brake will be required.  I put 11" stock Corrado brakes on my 84 Scirocco so I know these will simply bolt up as well.

Ok now for the good stuff.  These Quattro calipers are direct bolt on to the G60 Corrado.

First get your wheel off and the car up on jacks (duh!)

Next take off the caliper and carrier.  This mean also disconnecting the brake line.  For this install stainless steel lines were used so we removed the line back at the wheel well also.

If you are using the G60 brake lines you will need to transfer over the metal brake tubing the attaches to the stock caliper and then to the brake line.  If you use VR6 brake lines you do not need this part.   Reason is the G60 brake line is female on both end and can't connect directly with the caliper.  VR6 brake lines have one of each fitting.

Now you will need to cut the splash shield.  You will only need to remove about 1" from the shield.  Place the caliper on the disk (where it should be) and you will see how much you need to remove.

Next bolt the carrier to the hub, install the pads, bolt the caliper to the carrier and connect the brake line.

Don't forget to bleed your brakes!

Dual piston Audi Quattro Caliper, Carrier, and Autotech Stainless Steel brake lines

Stock G60 Corrado brakes

Autotech rotors, stainless steel brake line, Mintex pads and Quattro brakes installed.

What it would like if you had 17" OZ's

Thanks to Brian L. for car and brakes to install them on to.  If you have any questions for him write him