Rieger Infinity Sideskirts Installation:


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Test fitting only held on with 2-sided tape at this point Here you can see my "custom" ramps to get my car up high enough to use a jack (2-2x6's) 3M 2 sided tape was used on the the seems where it meets the body Front wheel well screws.  It was much easier to drill the holes with the wheel removed. Rear wheel screws
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L-bracket bent to match the angle of the skirt and the body seam.  This strengthened the skirt alot     The "Max Power Pose" ;-)    
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          The install was pretty easy, the drivers side fit nicer than the passenger side.  A little trimming with a file and it's better now but I still need to go back and get the skirt to fit body of the car closer.  

Update:   With a little shifting of the front part of the skirt on the passenger side made the skirt sit almost perfect now against the body.  All I did was reposition the bottom screw hole so the skirt didn't have a slight bow in the middle of it.