7" Single Round Headlight kit for A2

Depending on what A2 you own will determine whether or not you need a new core support.  Since I have a Jetta and square headlights, I need the Golf core support to hold the single rounds.  With that said, here is my list of parts:

1. Bonrath Grill

2. Golf Core support

3. Bulbs, wire, fuse holders, connectors, and relays

4. Lower metal strip for grill, also from a Golf with 7" rounds

First remove your stock grill and headlights.  Next remove the 5 core support bolts, the 2 radiator bolts, and disconnect the horn and hood release cable.  

The core support should be loose, remove it carefully.   Remove the hood latch, hood prop holder, and horn from the old core support and reinstall on the new one. (you will need new rivets for the hood latch)  Install the core support.

Bolt in the core support and hook up the horn and hood latch, don't forget the bolts/brackets for the radiator.  

Now loosen the two bolts on the hood pin (on the hood itself)  lower the hood and let it center itself in the hood latch, this will align it correctly.  Tighten up the two bolts.

Now for the wiring, there are many ways to do this so I'll leave it up to your chosing.  I went with 2 relays mounted in front of the battery with a fuse holder each.  Wire up each relay and light, run the wire and loom it up. (dont' forget the city lights)

Install each of the lights (4 bolts) and plug them in.   Next the grill snaps back in and you are set to aim your lights.

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grill and one headlight removed remove these 2 core support bolts by the fender (2 more on the other side) remove the radiator bracket and bolt (later remove the hood latch) the 5th and final lower core support bolt Bonrath badgeless grill Core support removed
dr012s.jpg (36018 bytes) dr013s.jpg (49179 bytes) dr014s.jpg (39843 bytes) dr015s.jpg (34642 bytes)
transfer the horn to the new core support New Hella installed All done city lights