Corrado Rear Spoiler Motor Replacement

Tools required:

10mm socket/wratchet with extension
Phillips screwdriver
8mm box wrench
5mm Allen wrench

Step 1.   Raise spoiler, this can be done by either using the switch on the dash or if you motor is dead, remove cover inside hatch and pull down and turn the knob on the spoiler motor.

Step 2.  Once the spoiler is raised remove the two allen screws that hold the wing on.   Lift the wing off the hatch.

Step 3.  Remove the 4 screws that hold on the tow rubber covers and remove.

Step 4.  Lift hatch and locate and remove the 4-10mm bolts that hold the motor assembly to the hatch.

Picture take looking up with the hatch raised                        Motor assembly, remove the four screws holding on the two end lift arms

Step 5.  This is where it gets tricky,  follow the wiring around the large bracket that the motor is attached to.  You will need to remember how it is run so you can put it back,  draw a diagram if necessary.  Unplug the rear wiper motor and tail lights.   Unscrew the grounding block and release the hatch lock arm from the lock itself.  Now the motor assembly should be hanging in all the wiring.   To unravel the wire the best thing to do is remove the 2 screws on each end that hold the bracket to the spoiler lifting arms.  They will swing free of the bracket while staying attached to the motor.

Step 6.  Carefully remove assembly from all the wiring making sure not to damage and wire.

Step 7.  Now it is simply repeating the steps in reverse order to install.  I purchased the whole assembly so all I had to do was release the two end lift arms and install.   I believe the dealer will sell just the motor so you will have to remove it from the bracket and attach the new one.

Step 8.  After the bracket is back in place make sure to check that everything is plugged back into place (all wiring to rear tail lights, wiper motor and lock mechanism).

This job took me about 2 hrs.  the most time consuming part was untangling the motor assembly from the wiring.